Everyday Why


Why I keep missing you?
Is there a day that you missed me too?

Why I keep wishing I could be with you?
Is it okay to assume when you’d said that you’re wishing it too?

Why I keep sending you messages?
Would you care to reply just for once?

Why I keep waiting for you?
Can you give me a hint if it’s possible to happen?

Why I keep holding into your words?
Would you care to tell me what are the honest feelings of your heart?

Why I keep loving you?
Care to tell me how should I believe that day when you’d said ‘I love you’?



Page 42


Let’s clean the remnants of past
start it today before it last

Sweep the pieces of sorrow
every corner can’t be ignored

Wipe the dusted cabinets of anger
hiding inside the blackness of drawers

Brush the dirty stains of stress
from top to bottom, it’s limitless

Mop it all with the mixture of positivity
by the help of God’s faith and dignity

– – – – –

Wherever you are in this world…
Whatever you do at this moment.

‘Downfall’ is coming in your way, no matter what. 

One way to counter it, is through prayers. They will not leave right away, but they will diminish slowly, lesser and lesser. There are batches coming through, but at least, you know how make God’s shield as your protection.

P.S. I did general cleaning because the Queen is coming home.



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One fine afternoon, never thought it would fade so soon
Got a long conversation, ended with a short confusion
Don’t know how to show, feelings are come-and-go
Is it me who took it seriously?
Or is it you who expressed it boldly?

– – – – –

I’m curious…

Do girls tend to assume more than boys… or just the same?
Do boys tend to do things to make girls assume… or just the same?

Comment your opinion.




Will you? I will.


– – – – –

Please hug me cause I need some comfort
And I will hug you back if you need support.

Please hug me cause I need a shoulder to cry on
And I will hug you back if you need to loose some burden.

Let me hug you not because you’re just a friend
I will hug you cause I’m always here until the end.

Let me hug you not because I’m the only one here
I will hug you cause even if I’m afar, my ear is always ready to listen.

– – – – –

Photo credits to the owner.
Just took it in Google Search.


Secrets are too powerful to take
It can be bad or good, no one can ever tell
The power to make you fall and brake
The power to make you positive and stay

Secrets are full of mysteries to be solve
From one person to another, to others
Sometimes secrets are meant to be broken and prove
From your hidden self to the one who’s holding your heart

Secrets can be forgotten and earn the forgiveness
A chance to explain, a chance to reconcile
Words by words, sentence by sentence
A chance to fall in love again, a chance to say again “you’re mine”

– – – – –

~ originally posted from Tumblr

Page 40


The clock dances from its alarm,
but the lady still cuddling herself with calm.
The siren keeps playing its sound,
trying its best to wake the sleeping beauty aloud

Cereals barely keep her eyes open,
even the warm milk gave her a morning call.
She keeps yawning from the dreams she can’t explain,
want to go back to bed embracing her shawl.

Mother interrupted her solemn mind to sleep,
giving her chores that make her weep.
‘Don’t be a stubborn and do the things I’d told you to be done’
‘Sorry for that, Monday morning makes me lazy so bad’

– – – – –

Every time I check my social sites, there always a post about…

‘It’s Monday again.’
‘I want the week will end soon.’
‘Friday please come quickly.’

If only Monday can speak, maybe this is what it will say…

‘Why it’s always me? It’s not my fault to be first. Wanna try to arrange us alphabetically?’

Think about it…



Page 39


It was started from a simple joke, but people took it as a serious talk.

Some commented, ‘why not?’, while my parents encouraged me that much.

Only one girl opposed to the idea, she said, ‘no more’ of this dilemma.

Next in line of my parents’ profession, or to live a simple life out of confusion.

– – – – –

I’d posted a status on my social network about entering a theological school. Try to be the next in line to my parents’ profession. I mean it as a joke, but there’s a little voice in my head, why not give it a try… but…

Living as a child with my parents’ ministry is hard to apprehend. Too many expectations (from people around us) that sometimes they forgot that we’re also a normal person living with our own decisions, but then, they misunderstood our feelings by their selfish expectations…(*sigh*)

I want to say to my parents, I’m sorry for no one will follow your line.

Just don’t forget that we’re proud of you no matter what.


Page 38


I looked around
the four walls
of broken ground,
where to find
the broken pieces
of solemn vows,
how to reach
the silence
of unpredictable sounds
from the cries
of an unsettled heart,
from the whines
of an unorganized mind.

Hours after, I tried
to have a glimpse
of the four walls
prison of feelings and melodies,
some will say
just the same,
but I will say
slowly fading away.

– – – – –

Mind’s POV:

“What’s going on in my life?”

Heart’s POV:

“Where are the people? I’m alone again for the nth time.”



How are you?

It has been two weeks and I missed you
Still remember your words, even a few
Imagine your smile without knowing how to
Can’t stop the feelings of longing about you

One week ago, missing you kept bothering me
Eating, watching, even in my dreams I can see
Your smiling eyes as blue as the Maldives sea
Have you thought at least once, you missed me?

I was doing fine two days after last month
Trying my best to ignore you, how I wish I can?
Doesn’t have enough courage to say what I want
That I miss you, I missed you so much I can’t stop

– – – – –

How are you, feeling good?
How’s your life being a journalist, enjoy?
How’s your mom, is she okay?
How’s your day, everything’s fine?

How are you?

I missed you…